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#Truthbeauty True Skin Story


#Truthbeauty True Skin Story

Jessica Assaf

We received an email from a brave young woman and we are so inspired that we want to share it with you. The most telling part is that when we asked her if we could share her story on our blog, she said, "I would be honored if you shared my story! Less is definitely more and the proof is in the picture! If it makes one other person change their beauty routine it's all worth it!" #GIRLPOWER.  

Here it is: 

Hey you guys! I just had to send you this before and after. Ever since high school I've been playing product roulette and destroying my face in the process. On December 8th it reached an all time freak out after a "skin clearing mask." Nothing was working and i realized I was doing it all wrong. I have been following you on Instagram and the blog since it started and reading labels, but was in denial that I couldn't make this change. It was daunting and intimidating to purge things in my bathroom that I thought were working and starting over. But I FINALLY did it. Each paycheck I added natural, chemical free products and made my own scrubs and moisturizers in between. I changed everything, makeup, hair care, moisturizers, body scrubs, and while I'm not 100% there yet, the results don't lie. Last week my glossier phase 1 kit came and I had a moment of panic. The "foundation" was super sheer and I had never worn anything like that before. But when I saw my face in the mirror when I woke up Tuesday morning, I started crying. I couldn't believe it. I knew making the change would result in a healthier me, but I had no idea that my skin would be this healthy in just under a month! I can't thank you guys enough for not only making me a smarter and healthier beauty consumer, but actually seeing how beautiful I could be! 

Amanda, we love you. Cheers to you and to all the unstoppable women like you who are changing their beauty routines and making all of this worthwhile.