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Jessica Assaf

A few days ago, in my last semester of business school, I launched a skincare company with two female friends and classmates called RAW IS EVERYTHING. Honestly, I never imagined I would start a beauty brand. I always assumed my role in the industry was to find companies making the best safe and effective products and market them to other women like me who care about the ingredients we put on our skin every single day. Since I started Beauty Lies Truth, it has been an honor to discover conscious brands and create a platform to help them grow. I have used almost every clean product on the market, and I love changing and expanding my beauty routine to include dozens of different products. But there was and is still space in the market for something different. And after ten years of passionately talking about the problem, I am ready to present my own version of the solution. So I started RAW IS EVERYTHING to provide the highest quality and most powerful single-ingredients that have been ancient beauty secrets for centuries and reintroduce them to the modern consumer.

RAW IS EVERYTHING  Age-Defying Concentrate

RAW IS EVERYTHING Age-Defying Concentrate

I found brilliant, inspiring global women at Harvard Business School who shared my aspirations, and we developed a line of organic, unformulated skincare. Each product contains only one cold pressed, unrefined ingredient. To start, we searched the globe for four of the best facial oils extracted only from organic, wildcrafted or biodynamic plants, and we sourced these oils sustainably from communities around the world. Together, we set our own high standards, promising quality and full transparency. We also invested heavily in branding, so that our oils stand out even against the multitude of natural and conventional packaging.

Jessica, Katie and Enke

Jessica, Katie and Enke

My mission, and our mission, is to give women complete control over their skincare routine. Instead of mixing undisclosed quantities of ingredients, we found ingredients that can stand alone. Our products are created without any additives, preservatives, or synthetic compounds at all. Why? Because it is possible to achieve real results with only one ingredient. We decided to take a strong, unnoticed, natural oil like tamanu, an oil so precious it is usually at the end of a long list of ingredients, and make it the only ingredient in our Clear-Skin Treatment. Our products are never diluted by anything, preserving the power and potency of single, untouched ingredients. When you smell our oils, you realize that they are perfect on their own, and they don’t need anything else. Though sourcing is difficult and it is significantly more expensive to fill an entire bottle with cold-pressed, organic, unrefined rosehip oil in our Age-Defying Concentrate as opposed to adding a few drops to the end of a formulation, the results are transformational. After over a year of learning and growing, I am so proud to introduce these oils to the world.

RAW IS EVERYTHING is my personal response to the dirty beauty industry. RAW is a female-powered WAR against the unnecessary and harmful ingredients in too many mainstream products. Our oils have existed forever, but American society has largely forgotten about them. RAW IS EVERYTHING is here to remind consumers of nature's magic. 

Though my role will always be to discover and share all of the brands I love, now I have created my own version of a skincare solution that works for men and women of all ages, with all skin types. It turns out, you don’t need dozens of unfamiliar ingredients to keep your skin clear, moisturized, and healthy. Trust me when I say that in many cases, you only need one. 

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