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Why I Love OSEA

Jessica Assaf

There are some people you meet who make you believe in the universe. Melissa Palmer is that person for me. We met on a group trip to Israel, but our first conversation was so quick that all we had time to discuss was that we needed to talk again soon, for a very long time, about everything. What we didn’t know was that we had a history together, beginning when I was fifteen years old and her family’s company, OSEA, supported my teen-led campaign with free products and sponsorship. When we finally spoke, our vision for clean beauty products were so similar that we instantly started finishing each other’s sentences. Melissa is the light at the end of the corporate beauty tunnel. Her energy is electric and her conviction in her family’s company is unbreakable. Her work is an extension of her identity, as pure and natural as the ingredients in OSEA, her family’s line of vegan skincare "from the Sea." 

When I think about why OSEA is different from so many brands, I think of the story of a family with an ancient history traced back to the sea. It started with Melissa’s great-grandmother’s relationship with the water, her daily swims and her belief that the sea would heal her. Jenefer, Melissa’s mother, created the company to honor her grandmother and reinforce the power of the sea to soothe and heal the skin. To this day, the products are perfectly formulated with the highest quality ingredients sourced from the sea.

Jenefer "believes in the sea," and is deeply motivated by the potential harm of synthetic compounds found in most mainstream products. She spent twelve years in her kitchen formulating the purest organic skincare using ingredients sourced from the sea. Jenefer has approached every business decision holistically, and now she works with her daughter, Melissa, to grow the brand while remaining authentic. 

OSEA is so much more than an organic skincare company. It is a longstanding movement built on trust, transparency, health, and results without compromises. I am so honored to know and love this family.