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Hairprint Shampoos: Clean, Green, Detoxifying Machines

Alexis Krauss

Choosing a shampoo is complicated. Especially when you are looking for one that works and meets serious #truthbeauty standards. Unfortunately too many clean shampoos can leave your hair feeling oily and limp and require more frequent washes. Additionally many supposedly "natural" shampoos are loaded with secret synthetics like fragrance and irritating foaming agents. I've had some success with the Giovanni line over the past year but they aren't quite as natural or non-toxic as I'd like. While I've been searching for a more effective product, I was admittedly a bit hesitant to try Hairprint's line of hair washes. I have a lot of hair and I tend to go through shampoo bottles quickly and at $22 per 8oz bottle, Hairprint isn't the most affordable of products. But after checking out the formulations and learning that the entire Hairprint line has been awarded the MADE SAFE label, I decided to give them a shot. MADE SAFE only awards their non-toxic seal of approval to select products and they conduct by far the most comprehensive ingredient screenings out there. They continue to raise the bar in health and environmental safety. They take their science seriously and I'm always eager to support products they deem safe.

Over the past two months I used both the Clarifying Shampoo and the Chelating Shampoo. Before I dive into the details of my Hairprint experience I should say that I spent the entire month of March on tour with my band Sleigh Bells. Tour is not exactly easy on my hair. Every night when I perform my hair gets very sweaty and extremely tangled. It then gets doused in dry shampoo so as to avoid daily washing and when it finally gets washed it's on a bus, at a yoga studio, in a venue or in a hotel. Basically there is zero consistency. Considering all of those variables my hair needs a cleanser that is both seriously effective at de-gunking my hair and also very nourishing. Enter Hairprint's Clarifying Shampoo.

First things first, Hairprint's Clarifying Shampoo is 100% plant based. The formulation is impressively clean and compared to other natural shampoos is packed with a much larger percentage of leaves, barks, seeds, roots, oils, petals, berries and fruits. There are no suspect or unnecessary chemicals and it's full of ingredients I love like Sea Buckthorn and Elderberry. It also kind of seems like it was made for someone like me who seriously abuses their hair. The deep-cleansing wash is designed to cut through and remove residue, gunk and build-up left on hair by modern hair products and daily wear and tear. So far so good!

Now for some details on my actual shampooing experience. The first thing I noticed is how little it smelled. I personally don't like fragrance and I really appreciate a scent-free cleanser. I also immediately loved how little suds it generated. Low suds is actually a good thing despite what most mainstream shampoo commercials would have you believe. Low suds basically means that the shampoo is not full of foaming agents. Fewer suds are better not only for you, but for our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. I was also impressed by how little I actually needed to use to get my hair feeling clean. By clean I mean that perfect spot somewhere in between my hair feeling squeaky and slightly oily. Hairprint's Clarifying Shampoo honestly got my hair perfectly clean. After drying and styling my hair was feeling and looking good. My satisfaction with the production remained high over the course of many shampoos. Overall, throughout the month my hair maintained and even gained some shine. I experienced less breakage during brushing and straightening and definitely decreased my number of weekly washes. Impressively I still have one or two washes left in my 8oz bottle. It's obviously up to you to decide whether or not $22 is worth it. Though pricey I think this product is a real stand-out. You're not going to find a better formulation for the price. I personally will happily pay a bit more for a product I know is safe, sustainable and effective.

All of the ingredients you'll NEVER find in Hairprint's products

All of the ingredients you'll NEVER find in Hairprint's products

In addition to touring and exposing to my hair to a variety of water types I recently purchased a home with well water. I've never lived with hard water before and boy do those vitamins and minerals like to cling to and discolor surfaces, hairs and scalps included! Lucky for me upon returning home from tour I had a fresh bottle of Hairprint's Chelating Shampoo waiting for me. This hair wash is a serious detoxifier designed specifically to remove heavy build-ups of calcium and minerals deposited on the hair by hard water and well water. Once again the plant based formula is packed with clean ingredients such as Green Coffee Bean and Saw Palmetto Berry, that moisturize, enliven and nourish the scalp. My personal conclusion is that the Chelating formula is extremely effective and definitely leaves my hair shiny and soft. My color looks good and I'm not noticing any yellow/orange discoloration from the well water. However after using it several times consecutively I found that my hair was getting a bit frizzy when dry. I decided to switch to using the Chelating formula once a week and returned to the Clarifiying Shampoo as my regular cleanser. The combination of these two products seems to be the perfect balance for my hair type. 

Obviously choosing a shampoo is an extremely personal experience. That being said, I strongly recommend giving Hairprint a try. As a new customer I'm satisfied and very interested in exploring other products in the Hairprint line, especially their True Color Restorer and the Exfoliating Hair and Scalp Wash. The scientists behind Hairprint are pioneers of green chemistry and the brand clearly understands the importance of safety, transparency and sustainability. Their MADE SAFE seal of approval, which is the strictest in the industry, is a true testament to Hairprint's commitment to non-toxic ingredients.