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The Only Face Oil You'll Ever Need

Alexis Krauss

I'm a big supporter of the work MADE SAFE does everyday to promote transparency, health and safety in the beauty and skincare industries and I've been a lover of True Botanicals' products for years now. You can imagine how excited I was when I learned that True Botanicals recently became the first company to have its entire product line MADE SAFE certified!

In addition to being #truthbeauty pioneers, True Botanicals are producing some of the most effective and enjoyable face oils on the market. At last month's 2017 Indie Beauty Expo I had the honor of hosting a panel with Melisse Gelula on 2017's indie beauty trends. While face oils aren't new, their ubiquity is. Everyday more and more women are discovering the potency and versatility of face oils. Here's why I've fallen in love with True Botanicals' Pure Radiance Oil.

True Botanicals.jpg

When it comes to face oils I'm looking for a product that feels light yet packs a moisturizing punch, especially given all of the time I spend outdoors and in the sun. I'm also looking for a face oil that can gently remove stubborn eye makeup for nights when I'm too lazy to wash my face before bed (yes that happens sometimes). Lastly, I want an oil that smells and feels luxurious. I really relish the daily ritual of delicately dropping oil onto my sleepy skin in the morning and before bed, and if I'm paying a pretty penny for a face oil I want it to feel, smell and perform like a luxury product.

True Botanical's Renew Pure Radiance Oil isn't cheap but you'll definitely notice a difference in performance from other less expensive oils. The formulation includes over 20 carefully selected plant-based oils including some favorites such as red raspberry seed and marula, and others I've never used on my skin before like chia and watermelon seed oil. The great thing about such a meticulously formulated face oil as Renew, is your skin is able to directly absorb the oil into the top layers of the epidermis and replenish the oils your skin is deficient in. According to True Botanicals, "By replenishing the oils you’ve lost due to natural attrition and exposure, you enable your skin to properly do its job: hold moisture in and keep the elements, like sun and wind, out."

This certainly seems to be the case for me. I've been consistently using Renew now for two months, twice a day and my face seems to be rebounding from exposure to the elements better than it has in years. I've also noticed my skin has been more balanced and I'm less prone to breakouts on my chin and excess oil in my t-zone. This could be the work of the chia and kiwi seed oils which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acid that help strengthen cell membranes' barriers. Acccording to True Botanicals, "Good barrier protective function means water and nutrients can enter the cells while toxins are kept out."

While there are no shortage of excellent, effective, non-toxic and sustainable face oils on the market, True Botanicals' Pure Radiance Oil is certainly leading the pack. It's definitely an investment but I think it's worth it. The holidays are just around the corner and this is the perfect gift suggestion for those clueless relatives who have no idea what to buy for you. Plus who doesn't want to support a partnership as forward thinking and ahead of the curve as True Botanicals and Made Safe?